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Derby is fueled by Local Support

 In August of 1997, a cadre of Portland’s most exemplary citizens chose to take their differences to the higher court of Mt. Tabor to find out who could build a car that would work best with earth’s most excellent law - gravity. These people, who had profound skill and an almost complete disregard for rules, regulations and safety, created the truly “Portland” event called the Portland Adult
 Soapbox Derby. Since our inception in 1997, the race has brought together Portland’s most creative and industrial minds to partner in making science and art cars to compete against their neighbors. This diverse community of like-minded folks makes up the city’s most fabulous summer event, held on the third Saturday of August.

As times have changed, so too has Portland and the race that bears its name. As of 2018, we have become a full-fledged 501(c)(3)! Aside from the legitimacy this classification brings, what it means to you, is that your sponsorship will be tax-deductible. Many things have changed, but one thing that has remained constant is the support of sponsors who make the derby possible year after year. With your sponsorship, it will also allow the newly created PASD board to hold the adult race while continuing our efforts to repave and update the Mt. Tabor Kid’s Soapbox track that has been decommissioned since the ’50s. We want future generations of Portlanders to enjoy Mt. Tabor and Soapbox as we do.

We can do a small part for our beloved volcano to have our yearly “Brush Clean-Up Crew,” where 20+ volunteers come out to clean up invasive flora. We pride ourselves in LOVING our Mt. Tabor! It’s a “Thank You” for allowing PASD to flaunt our gravity races for over 20 years.

Please consider supporting those who support us!

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