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Maps & Directions

Getting There

Show up early! Not all the cars make a full run their first try, so the earlier the better to see the fun. We recommend the Belmont line, as it gets you to the top of the hill with minimum effort. Street parking around the park fills up fast, and its a long walk to the pits from the bottom. (Do visit the pits at the top, just above the kids playground).

For those biking/scootering, park outside the race venue to make life easy. Plenty of racks are available.

Kids are welcome, and there's room to 'stroller' up the hill between races. But we don't recommend pets, as there's lots of noise, people and fast moving cars that make the four legs nervous.

'Clear the track' means get your butt off the asphault and 10+ feet from danger areas till an official says its okay to walk the track again, for spectator and driver safety. A clear track keeps the day moving.

We recommend bringing plenty of hydration (water), as the afternoon can get into the triple digits. And snacks. And adult beverages in cans are allowed. There are vendors and toilets on the hill as well. And pack it in/pack it out.


Nearby Attractions

Hawthorne and Belmont to the West and Stark to the East have plenty of good eats after race day.



Visit the top of Mt Tabor, and sit at the top of a volcanic cinder cone.

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